Encouraging a Young Sagittarius

Encouraging a Young Sagittarius

Encouraging a Young Sagittarius

Hello to the young Sagittariuses of the world! We celebrate this fire sign from November 22nd through December 21st. A Sagittarius is known to be a forward-thinker with an optimistic spirit. They're sociable, and always eager to explore what has yet to be discovered. Read along as we learn more about this sign and recommend the PlanToys they are destined for!


Sagittariuses believe that anything is possible! They're a great friend to have, always encouraging the people in their lives to consider different perspectives and stay true to themselves. This positive energy draws people close to them. This works out in their favor since they enjoy social gatherings and bringing people together.

What could be more social than a group BBQ? Encourage a Sagittarius to bring all of their friends together for good food and conversation with the PlanToys BBQ Playset. Recommended for ages 3 and up, young chefs can prepare two skewers with a side of meat and asparagus. A functioning pepper bottle and sauce brush ensure no ingredient goes unseasoned. Just don't give away your secret sauce recipe! 

The PlanToys Play Center is ideal for Sagittariuses ages 3 and up. This Play Center is able to transform into anything you can imagine with the flip of a curtain, making it the ultimate social experience. Put on a memorable performance, or sell your homemade peanut butter and jelly at the local market. We can't wait to see what you imagine!

Encourage socialization with Sagittariuses ages 12M+ with the Bunny Racing Car and Chicken Racing Car. These vintage-inspired vehicles can lift anyone's mood and encourage children to be more in tune with their surroundings during play. 


Sagittariuses enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors! Every Sagittarius 18M+ needs the PlanToys Leaf Magnifier for adventure walks and seeing nature's small wonders up close.

Go camping anytime, no matter the weather with the PlanToys Camping Set. This set is recommended for ages 3 and up and includes everything you'll need to go camping on a small scale.

Chirping birds are music to a Sagittarius's ears! Welcome them into your backyard with the PlanToys Bird House. This quaint home is just what your feathered friends need to feel warm and safe. 


Sagittariuses are inquisitive and have busy minds. A passion for education is to be commended, however, a relentless desire for knowledge can become overwhelming. Take a break from the philosophy and put a Sagittarius at ease with a comforting toy - bonus points if it has a cute smile! The PlanToys Bear collection will put any little one at ease: Bear, Little Bear, Bear & Little Bear, and Pull Along Musical Bear. These bear friends are recommended for ages 12- 18M+

A clear mind starts with a good walk. Happy Puppy and Pull Along Hedgehogs are the perfect walking companions for a Sagittarius ages 12M+. These cute critters wobble with joy as they're pulled along. They're the friends that every philosopher needs!

Active play is essential for all children, especially those with busy minds. Engaging in physical activities releases serotonin and increases overall brain health. The PlanToys Skipping Rope (3Yrs+) and Balance Board (3Yrs+) are ideal options to introduce physical fitness at an early age.

We love a Sagittarius's passion for friendship, adventure, and knowledge. Let's continue cheer them on along the way!

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