Play Center

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Say hello to your new favorite Play Center! Children can use this toy as a scene for pretend play or to perform a show for an audience. This cabinet has 4 fabric curtains so children can easily transform it into a small theater.

  • Put on a performance for family and friends, host a bake sale, have a lemonade stand, role play as a chef in the kitchen + more!
  • Features 4 fabric curtains so kids can transform the center into a theater
  • Encourages creative expression through imaginative and interactive play
  • Sustainably made in Thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.

Factors for Child Development:
Language & Communication

Package Dimension (W x L x H) :

46.3 in X 16.02 in X 5 in

117.7 cm X 40.69 cm X 12.7 cm

Product Dimension (W x L x H) :

40.94 in X 14.96 in X 45.67 in

104 cm X 38 cm X 116 cm

Package Weight :
22.49 lb
10.2 kg
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Play Center

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