Encouraging a Young Aquarius

Encouraging a Young Aquarius

Encouraging a Young Aquarius

January 20th through February 18th is the time to celebrate an Aquarius! This air sign is known to be determined, positive, and sociable. They're humanitarians who constantly strive for a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Let's learn more about this sign and the PlanToys that will help them connect with their natural gifts.



Inspiration can't hide from an Aquarius! Their bright spirits and positive outlook allow them to leave no stone unturned, seeking joy in even the smallest things. When it comes to toys, the more colorful the better! Introduce colorful toys to awaken their love for every color from chartreuse to tangerine. Here are some of our colorful favorites:

Shape is a good friend to color. An Aquarius will be in their ultimate happy place with toys that combine unique shapes and colors. Introduce the Shape & Sort It Out and Geometric Sorting Board to children ages 12M+ & 2Yrs+. These multifaceted toys combine hand-eye coordination with shape and color recognition.


Aquarians are not easily intimidated. They enjoy taking on responsibilities and are the hardest workers among all the Zodiac signs. Help them develop their universally-renowned focus with toys that encourage concentration and fine motor skills.

Miracle Pounding II, recommended for 2+ is an innovative toy that involves hand-eye coordination to keep the balls in motion with a mallet. It takes patience and concentration to keep the balls at a steady pace. A young Aquarius will take to this activity with flying colors!

Bring concentration practice to the pond with the PlanToys Fishing Game! Recommended for ages 3+, this game includes 6 colorful fish and 2 fishing rods that can be adjusted for different skill levels. As they catch each fish, children will strengthen their problem-solving and fine motor skills. Increase play experience or make it a challenge by adding fabric or play silks.



Aquarians may have a strong independent nature, but they understand the importance of being around their loved ones. An Aquarian has a close group of friends that they'll always make time for, regardless of how long their to-do list is. They prefer a small circle of friends so they can be themselves and discuss their many ideas out loud!

When selecting sharable toys consider toys that have multiple components. This helps so each child finds their place in the activity, without having to constantly wait their turn. The Crane Set is an ideal group activity for children ages 3 and up. It includes a functional crane and a variety of construction-themed accessories. Include any PlanToys blocks to start building your town! 50 Unit Blocks are ideal for group play, while also being useful tools to teach STEAM.

PlanToys Soccer ensures everyone has a turn with moveable handles that help the 'soccer players' kick the ball across the field, trying to score points in either team's goal. This game can be enjoyed with 2 players, or split into 2 teams of 4 players, with each player being responsible for their own line of soccer players. This game encourages strategy and positive communication.

One of the best shareable toys is dollhouses. Select larger dollhouses with an open space concept can accommodate multiple hands at once. The Green Dollhouse With Furniture has multiple angles and a variety of components to keep children engaged. It's also a great introduction to sustainable living, and will encourage any young philanthropic Aquarius.

We admire a Aquarian's love of discovery, and can't wait to see what all the young Aquarians have in store for us. We wish them strength and overflowing joy along their journey!

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