Encouraging a Young Scorpio

Encouraging a Young Scorpio

Encouraging a Young Scorpio

Hello Scorpios! We celebrate this sign from October 23rd through November 21st. Scorpios are filled with passion, and are most invested showing their courage through transformation and resilience. Let's discover more about this water sign, including the PlanToys they'll dive deep for!


Scorpios have great intuition, which allows them to see beyond the surface, both emotionally, and literally! Activities that involve excavation and research are ideal for young Scorpios. Scorpios ages 3 years and up can get busy with the PlanToys Dump Truck. This truck has a variety of realistic features from a functioning cargo bed to heavy duty tires that can tread through rocky terrains. 

Once your young Scorpio has mastered digging, it's time to advance to bigger construction jobs! The PlanToys Crane Set, Road Construction Set, and Urban City Blocks are all they'll need to create a successful construction business right from the comfort of their rooms! These sets are suited for ages 3 and up.


Scorpios are able to maintain a great deal of self control, even during times of doubt. Represented by the Scorpion, they possess a great deal of willpower and strength. They can withdraw into themselves to find their inner strength even during the most extreme situations. These characteristics allow them to adapt to just about any situation. Help them master these attributes with toys that involve critical thinking.

PlanToys such as the Balancing Boat and Balancing Tree are excellent additions to a young Scorpios toy collection. Suited for ages 3 and up, these types of toys can help children develop concentration, coordination, and fine motor skills. Scorpios ages 2 and up can test these skills with Geo Lacing Beads.

Take on all different types of challenges with games such as Wall Ball Game, Magnetic Board Game, and Timber Tumble. These games involve a variety of strategies and are suited for multiple players, all ages 3 and up. 



This may come as a surprise given their other traits, however, Scorpios are known to be private and reserved. They may not be social butterflies at events, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a good time! We suggest introducing games and activities that are best suited for independent play or small gatherings. This can help a young Scorpio feel at ease, while also developing their social skills.

Meadow Ring Toss is a fun, and concentration-building activity that any Scorpio will enjoy. This game features 3 wooden posts, and 6 rings for tossing. Expand the fun with Mini Golf. This most-loved PlanToy is a favorite amongst all the signs! Both of these games, suited for ages 3 and up can be played indoors or outdoors. Younger Scorpios starting at age 2 are bound to love the PlanToys Animal Puzzle Game and Spatial Rocket. These toys are both entertaining and tranquil. 

Research something new, build a tower, and take on a challenge no matter how big it may seem. Take inspiration from Scorpios and embrace all the fun the world has to offer!

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