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Encouraging a Young Pisces

Encouraging a Young Pisces

Encouraging a Young Pisces
Pisces season is ashore! We celebrate Pisces season from February 19th through March 20th. The final astrological sign in the zodiac calendar, Pisceans are water signs, represented by the fish, they are dreamers, guided by imagination and compassion. Let's learn more about young Pisces and the PlanToys that will pair well with their bubbly personalities!

Pisceans are dreamers, lovers of myths, and fantasy. You'll often find them daydreaming about an enchanted place, or using their artistic skills to imagine a place they wish they could live in. We suggest toys in the blocks and construction category for a young Pisces to build their home away from home!
Castle Blocks - Orchard and Fairy Tale Blocks, recommended for ages 3 Yrs+ are ideal building sets for any young creative. Create a medieval fantasy complete with a functional catapult and flying dragon with Castle Blocks, or enter the world of the fairies with Fairy Tale Blocks!  Take fantasy play to the seas with the PlanToys Pirate Ship, recommended for ages 3 and up, this realistically designed toy ship includes everything a young water sign needs to go on a high sea adventure.

It's never too early to help children discover their imaginations - add Creative Blocks to a child's play routine starting at just 18 months. 

Want to make your play session even more fantastical? Make it a sensory play experience! Expand upon your building creations with homemade, or eco-friendly play-dough. The Creative Dough Set includes molds to build cars, houses, and buildings, or use the tools to free play! Need a dough recommendation? Check out our favorite eco-friendly play-dough, Land of Dough.

Pisceans are empaths. They're perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive to others. This makes them a great friend to have, and an even better friend to invite over for a playdate! They're quick to share and invite people to join the fun. A young Pisces is most likely to enjoy toys in the learning and education category. PlanToys such as Braille Alphabet A-Z (2 Yrs+) and Hand Sign Numbers 1-10, (2 Yrs+) help children learn how to read braille, and sign. Toys that offer another perspective open a child's heart and provide more possibilities to communicate and play.

Gather around a dollhouse and engage in small-world play while fine-tuning social skills and emotional competence. Dollhouses are great outlets for all children to express themselves and relate to others. View the PlanToys dollhouse collection here.
Water signs are known to be highly emotionally intelligent. They're not shy about expressing themselves and trust their intuition. Water's fluidity and strength make it nature's most powerful element. It overcomes fire, sustains Earth, and drives the air elements. Explore all the wonders of water with PlanToys water toys! Below is a selection of the most-loved water play toys:

Learn more about the joys of water play by clicking here.

All aboard for a lifetime of fun with a Pisces!

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