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The PlanToys Forest of Play, Trang | Earth Day 2023

The PlanToys Forest of Play, Trang | Earth Day 2023

The PlanToys Forest of Play, Trang | Earth Day 2023

Welcome to the PlanToys Forest of Play!

In this blog, we're sharing information about the mission behind the project and what we hope to achieve with it for many generations. Learn how you can help plant a tree in the forest and inspire a better world every day.

The PlanToys Forest of Play is an outside play area open to the public in Trang, Thailand. It spans 64,000 square meters, serving as a creative outlet for our founder, Vitool Viraponsavan, and our team members to reimagine leftover materials from production. Its mission is to inspire children and their families, encouraging them to actively participate in sustainable-minded interactive activities and learn through play on a large scale.

The Forest of Play, Trang celebrated its grand opening on June 11th, 2021, (the 40th anniversary of PlanToys!)


Careful consideration goes into every part of our playful forest. We use leftover materials from production and salvage materials from buildings in Trang Providence. Some of these materials include leftover steel from power plants, tile, pipes and foundation from hospitals and construction sites. These materials construct the forest's architecture, including the restrooms. The geometric architecture represents the humanity of the project. It stands out against the picturesque land it occupies.

The Forest of Play consists of various abstract and representational structures, many of which depict animals in nature, extinct and present. Much of the architecture includes ladders, stairs, and tunnels that welcome and encourage physical play. Translucent shapes and panels in various hues invite curiosity and to view nature from another perspective.


Architecture Spotlights:

Sensory Dome

The Sensory Dome is made from concrete and leftover wood from the factory. The floors inside and around the dome are made from various materials to create different textures, such as coconut coir, coconut shells, and natural tree bark from our factory.

The Pyramid

The Pyramid structure was made from a salvaged clarifier, (circular settling tanks used to separate solids and liquids). The overall structure is supported by materials from a local construction supply store. The clarifier is used for climbing and includes inscriptions of various languages for children to learn about.


Plant a Tree at the Forest of Play, Trang


To celebrate Earth Day, 2023, we're encouraging PlanToys community members worldwide to plant a tree at the Forest of Play in Trang during Earth week.

By planting trees and flowers, we're expanding our forest's beauty and ecosystem while helping people understand their impact on the planet - even the simplest efforts can make a big difference. 

Two Ways to Participate:

1. Support Sustainable Play

For every PlanToys purchase made during Earth Week, April 16th through April 22nd, either through our website or at any retailer, PlanToys will plant 1 tree on your behalf.

Get an additional tree planted: 

By posting a photo of your PlanToys purchase on social media and using #EarthDayPlanToys

2. Inspiring Your Community:

Share your sustainable journey on social media.

For every earth-friendly social media post tagged with #EarthDayPlanToys on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, April 1st through April 30th, PlanToys will plant 1 tree on your behalf.  

Consider sharing:

  • Your most-loved PlanToys.
  • Picturesque photos of our planet, far and wide.
  • How you clean up your community.
  • How you reduce your ecological footprint – whether that is using reusable bags, refillable water bottles, composting and more.


Click here for a printable PlanToys Earth Day Coloring Sheet.

Click here for a printable PlanToys Earth Day Scavenger Hunt.


Inspire a Better World

Stay involved in the positive progression of nature all year long by making small changes in your everyday life and participating in community events.

How You Can Reduce Your Ecological Footprint:

  • Reduce electricity. Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use. Consider switching to LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs have short life spans and waste approximately 90% of their energy generating heat.
  • Be mindful of water consumption. Showers are responsible for 30% of a household's water consumption. By making small changes such as installing a low-flow showerhead, a home's water usage can be reduced by 40%. 
  • Reduce the use of single-use plastic such as store shopping bags and water bottles. Many plastics can take between 20-500 years to decompose. While they may seem convenient while in use, they are a big threat to our planet.
  • Support sustainable companies that are mindful of their ecological footprint and use recycled materials. It helps to do your research about a company before you decide to shop with them. Consider reaching out to them directly if you're not finding the answers you're looking for.
  • Reduce your overall consumption and consider secondhand shopping, especially for clothing. Do your research and avoid impulse shopping. Consider shopping at a secondhand store, as the average American discards of 80 pounds of clothes each year. Educate yourself on materials, and which are known to last.
  • Participate in community events and inspire othersStay in the know about recent events in your community. Sign up for a beach clean up and encourage friends and loved ones to join!

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint.

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