Encouraging a Young Capricorn

Encouraging a Young Capricorn

Encouraging a Young Capricorn

December 22nd through January 19th is Capricorn season! Represented by the goat, Capricorns can be the most strategic among the zodiac signs. They believe in systems and the importance of following the rules, they may have had a hand in developing them after all. Let's learn more about this Earth sign and the PlanToys that will help them shine!


Capricorn season brings in the new year, which makes sense for this highly ambitious sign. They have a desire for progress and change and will do what they can to play a part in making it happen. Start a new year with positive intentions and consider adding sustainable toys to your child's play routine.

PlanToys are made from rubberwood trees in Thailand. Historically, once rubberwood trees could no longer produce latex, they were thought to hold no value and were burned. Once our founder made this discovery, PlanToys was born. For the past 41 years, PlanToys has saved countless rubberwood trees from being burned down. They are taken to our factory and transformed into toys for children worldwide.

Let's take inspiration from a Capricorn! Consider the following PlanToys that can teach children the importance of sustainable living while having fun at the same time:


Capricorns celebrate people and are quick to notice what makes someone special, especially the people they love most. They value their relationships and will always do their part to keep the relationship strong. With their sensitive nature, a young Capricorn is most likely to be interested in heirlooms, especially heirloom toys! Lucky for them, PlanToys are thoughtfully designed and manufactured, to ensure they last for many years. Start your family's collection with these PlanToys classics:


Capricorns are high achievers in work and in play! Introduce games & puzzles to stimulate the challenge-loving young Capricorn in your life. PlanToys Pinball, recommended for ages 3 and up is a modern take on a classic. Launch the ball into the playing field and try to keep it from falling by controlling the bottom levers. This version has an adjustable playing field so boredom is nowhere in sight!

Take on a creative challenge with toys in the blocks and construction category. The PlanToys Construction Set, recommended for ages 3 includes 40 pieces that can help children advance their fine motor skills while discovering their inner inventor. Download these play instructions and challenge a young Capricorn to create a crane, robot, truck, or spaceship. Add a timer to make it even more fun.

We look forward to seeing what's in store for all the young Capricorns of the world!

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