Circle Time: Water Play

Circle Time: Water Play

Circle Time: Water Play

Release the bubbles, and don't be afraid to get wet - It's time for water play! Water is the most common substance found on earth, yet this does not take away how fascinating it is, especially to children.

For this circle time session, we're sharing some of the many benefits behind incorporating water into a child's play routine, plus the PlanToys water toys that are guaranteed to cause a splash!




It's not uncommon for children to resist bathtime. Make bathtime an enjoyable and memorable experience by incorporating water vehicles that can be submerged or float.

Bathing is also a time in a child's day when they can be the most focused. During bathtime, children are also more inclined to share their thoughts and revisit their favorite moments of the day.

Sensory Tables

Children enjoy sensory play as it allows them to explore a variety of textures and elements in the comfort of their homes. With this method of play, children are free to express themselves while also developing their imagination and fine motor skills. 

Add bubbles, non-toxic dye, or ice cubes to the water to enhance the experience.

Not in the mood for splashing? Add water, hair gel, or shaving cream in plastic zip bags and encourage children to make imprints on the bag with their hands or blocks. Create no clean-up water play-inspired activity by using fabric to mimic water.

This selection of PlanToys vessels include removable peg dolls for added fun.
Incorporate traditional boats with small world play. Does your PlanWorld have an ocean or lake nearby? Consider adding a boat.
Have a love for boats and cute animals? Then the PlanToys Sailing Boat Series is perfect!


Incorporate Other Toys

Vessels are guaranteed to enhance the fun with water play. Use bowls, cups, and spray bottles to show different water currents. Vessels are great tools for introducing science.

Change The Scene

Experience water play at the beach or pool. Children are always excited to travel with their toys and see them next to life-size versions. Place a toy boat next to a real one and spot how they are alike and different.

This set of 3 vessels is ideal for teaching children about cause and effect during water play. Scoop water and watch it trickle out of the holes in the bottom of each bowl. 
Fountain Bowl Set
Stay entertained at the beach with toys that are designed for sand and water play. The Sand Play Set includes 1 bucket and 3 sea animal inspired shovels.
Sand Play Set
Make the sand castle of your dreams with the 4 different sand molds, 2 of which have holes for water experiments!
Creative Sand Play
Make it a lesson! Incorporate figures to teach children about the many different creatures that live in water. Sea Life Bath Set


 Safety + Caring for Water Toys

Look for the following icon on the PlanToys website to determine if a PlanToy is safe for water play:

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