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Title is PlanToys Circle Time, Dollhouses. Shows 2 children waving in front of a dollhouse.

Circle Time: 3 Reasons Why Dollhouses Are Essential For Children

Circle Time: 3 Reasons Why Dollhouses Are Essential For Children

PlanToys Circle Time: 3 Reasons Why Dollhouses Are Essential For Children

Dollhouses are mini-worlds that encourage children to express themselves while exploring the wonders of pretend play. Child developmental experts believe that dollhouses are essential for all children, regardless of gender. PlanToys shares 3 reasons why along with recommendations from the PlanToys dollhouse collection.


1.  Expression & Emotional Competence 

My First Dollhouse

Get children started with an open-concept dollhouse. This design makes it easy for children to reach inside and move dolls and furnishings. A dollhouse with multiple angles also allows adults and friends to join in on the fun.

Slide-N-Go Dollhouse

Consider a dollhouse that's easy to travel with. This will inspire children to take their dollhouse outside, or to their grandparents' house!

Victorian Dollhouse

Ready to move? Try a larger dollhouse! Taller dollhouses can be more comfortable for children to play with as they grow and develop spatial awareness. A design with doors can also be helpful for keeping play spaces tidy.

Green Dollhouse With Furniture

Introduce a dollhouse with features that will inspire children to live sustainably.

Dolls are key components for dollhouses and are what brings them to life. Incorporate dolls that resemble a child's family and friends.


2. Fine Motor Skills & Confidence

Many PlanToys dollhouses include furniture. Consider adding a larger variety of furniture pieces to expand upon the interiors. Everyone loves a room makeover!

Victorian Furniture Set

This set includes everything you need to fully furnish your beloved Victorian Dollhouse.


3. Imagination & Dedication 

Set up an area where children can design their dollhouses and create decorations. Desks and tables not only act as solid surfaces for drawing and crafting, but they also help with focus and productivity.


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