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Encouraging a Young Leo

Encouraging a Young Leo

Encouraging a Young Leo
Happy birthday to all the Leos of the world! We celebrate Leos starting from July 22nd through August 22nd. Represented by the regal lion, Leos are filled with self-confidence, warmth, and pizzaz!
Let's discover more about this fire sign and the PlanToys that will make them roar!


It's no secret that Leos are known to be extroverted and enjoy a good time. Help them release their energy with toys in the active play category. We recommend the Bowling Set for Leos ages 3 and up. This bowling set not only allows young Leos to exercise their problem-solving and coordination skills, but it's also an activity that can grow with them. Encourage Leos to take the activity further by building a bowling alley or designing their ideal pair of bowling shoes!

Leos love to celebrate and play! Given this, we recommend the Celebration Train for Leos starting at 12 months. This thoughtfully designed toy can display photos and has a chalkboard surface for personalized messages. Get on board and celebrate every day!


Leos are artistic and don't shy away from the limelight. Introduce toys in the pretend play category to help them discover their natural sparkle and confidence. The Vlogger Kit is an excellent option for Leos ages 3 and up. The set comes includes a camera, rubber ring light, clip-on microphone with an adaptor, and selfie stick tripod. A cloth bag is also included for traveling to auditions and events!

The Delivery Bike is perfect for Leos starting at 12 months. Watch them ride around with joy and travel with their favorite toys in the attached storage carton. They'll enjoy zipping around from room to room and neighbor to neighbor, grabbing the attention of friends and family on this bike with its sturdy wheels and functioning horn. The sides of the storage carton have a chalkboard surface. Draw on some flames to make a Leo's ride even more amazing!


Leos share many qualities of a lion, bravery especially! Encourage their bravery and playfulness with toys that can aid in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We suggest adding the Balancing Cactus to their toy collection. Build the cactus up by adding the buds one at a time while trying to prevent it from toppling. Cactuses may not be part of a lion's natural habitat, but this game will be a big part of their play routine!

The PlanToys Wall Ball Game will challenge a young Leo, while also offering them the opportunity to exercise their creative skills. Suited for ages 3 and up, the object of the game is to guide the ball up the board without letting it fall behind. The rubber bands can be rearranged to create a variety of play possibilities. Scribble or draw characters on the chalkboard surface to enhance the fun!

Encourage a young Leo to connect with their spirit animal with the PlanToys Lion figure. Suited for children starting at ages 12 months, this figure is guaranteed to be a rawr-some friend! Travel with it, add it to a sensory play activity or incorporate it into a lesson about lions.

Whether it's putting on a show or redesigning their playroom, Leos constantly remind us how important it is to be yourself, and have fun. We wish all the young Leos in the world a childhood as purr-fect as they are!

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