The Victorian Dollhouse: A Timeless Treasure

The Victorian Dollhouse: A Timeless Treasure

The Victorian Dollhouse: A Timeless Treasure

The Victorian Dollhouse: A Timeless Treasure

People who played with dollhouses when they were young can confirm the long-lasting effect. Dollhouses have a great mix of visual appeal and play flexibility. They also offer lots of good things for development that children might not even notice because they're having so much fun!

Dollhouses have a long history, starting as tiny home models made by adults. They eventually became a favorite for children and have stayed popular for many years. Even now, adults still love them. In 1990, PlanToys introduced the My First Dollhouse and flat-packed dollhouses that were ready to assemble. This was the start of our adventure in this play category.

Join us as we share more into our dollhouse history, focusing on the most wished for dollhouse, the Victorian Dollhouse. We'll also explore the array of benefits that dollhouses offer and share our favorite additions to elevate the enjoyment and create lasting memories.

A group of wooden dollhouses and blocks on the floor of a playroom

Starting with the My First Dollhouse, the PlanToys dollhouse lineup has grown over the years, introducing models like the Modern Dollhouse, Creative Play House, Deluxe House, and Little Dollhouse, all leading up to the Victorian Dollhouse. Following the Victorian Dollhouse, we introduced the Contemporary, Chalet, and the Green Dollhouse, with our most recent addition being the Slide N Go Dollhouse.

Just like our other toys, our dollhouses are made with a focus on the environment. At PlanToys, we are committed to being eco-friendly and have never cut down trees for making toys. Instead, we responsibly obtain rubberwood from trees that would otherwise be discarded by the latex industry when they can't produce latex anymore. This wood goes through careful processes to make it safe and long-lasting. Skilled workers in our factory oversee every step. While most dollhouse parts are made from natural, unpainted wood, we use water-based paint and natural dyes for parts that need coloring.

The Victorian Dollhouse

A victorian-style wooden dollhouse in a playroom

The Victorian Dollhouse joined the PlanToys collection in 2003. Since its introduction, it has remained a timeless classic, adding a touch of amazement to children's playrooms and igniting their imaginations. It has consistently appeared on wish lists, bringing happiness to countless holidays, birthdays, and various celebrations, uniting children and families as they enjoy a cherished heirloom gift.

Below are some key aspects that set this dollhouse apart from others: 

  • The hinged doors and attic spark excitement among children, serving as a portal to dollhouse play, and simultaneously helping maintain a¬†refreshed play area by concealing any cluttered rooms, (or not).
  • It's the perfect canvas for¬†expression! The natural wood inspires people to explore their creativity and personal design sense by adding wallpaper, paint, or stain. Craft your own furniture and home decor and keep up with the holidays. It's¬†and ongoing project that¬†keeps¬†children and adults inspired.
  • It's aesthetically pleasing. When it's not being played with, this captivating dollhouse stands on its own, quite literally.¬†
  • Its size allows for longer play sessions, as children can comfortably sit up or stand, fully immersing themselves in the experience.
  • It can grow with children, even as their interests evolve. For teenagers or adults who have grown out of traditional dollhouse play it can be used to store books, craft supplies, clothes, and so much more!

The Benefits of Dollhouse Play

A young child sitting up and playing with a wooden dollhouse

Here are just a few of the many advantages that dollhouse play offers:

  • Self-Expression - Dollhouses¬†are open-ended canvases,¬†inspiring children and adults to make their own worlds and live in them.
  • Emotional Competence & Coping Skills - By engaging in dollhouse play, children can reenact life events, not only in positive ways but also to¬†show the impact of challenging situations, opening the door to¬†important discussions.
  • Socialization¬†& Confidence - Playing with dollhouses encourages children to play on their own and with friends and family, helping them connect with others and feel more self-assured.
  • Fine Motor Skills & Spatial Awareness - As children decorate rooms and arrange each object, they strengthen their hand muscles,¬†learn how to mix items of different sizes and shapes, all while understanding the space between them.
Wooden dollhouse parts being assembled in a factory
Dollhouse parts being assembled at our factory in Trang, Thailand.

Enhance Your Dollhouse

Child playing with dollhouse, dolls, and furniture

A big part of the fun of dollhouse play is collecting (and making) furniture, decor, and figurines to inhabit it. We love seeing how our community members expand upon their dollhouses through thoughtful shopping and craft projects. 

We are constantly evolving our dollhouse collection while we also partner with companies who are passionate about dollhouse play and artfully crafted, heirloom toys.

The Victorian Dollhouse Furniture is an instant collection of furniture and accents that fit in with the style of the home. Explore our entire dollhouse collection, dolls, and furniture sets by clicking here.

The Foxy Burrow Friends

A collection of small plush foxes inside a dollhouse

A collection of small plush foxes in a wilderness setting

We adore the Foxy Burrow Friends brought to us by Uniche Collective. This charming assembly transports children to the imaginative world of folklore and small-world play. Here's just a handful of the many reasons we love the Foxy Burrows for your Victorian Dollhouse and free play adventures:
  • These critters are handcrafted in India by talented¬†artisans and are made of 100% cotton.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the Foxy Burrows support fox rescue programs in the United States.
  • These foxes love to inhabit the Victorian Dollhouse when they're¬†taking a break from their outdoor escapades.
  • For many children, animals are comforting and a safe outlet for conversation. This seamlessly aligns with a dollhouse that children often use as a¬†platform¬†for¬†role playing and storytelling.¬†
  • They ignite a sense of wonder in children, fostering an appreciation for wildlife and igniting a passion for nature conservation.
  • Every fox¬†is accompanied by a log where they can rest when playtime is on pause. We appreciate the incorporation of packaging to enhance an item's playability.¬†

Foxy Burrows Friends are camping out in many specialty toy stores awaiting their permanent home. Feel free to explore the entire collection by clicking here. They are also available in select specialty toy stores. Click here and here for direct links. We encourage you to get in touch through the website or directly via Uniche Collective for further information.

We're excited to be play a role in the wonder and developmental benefits dollhouse play provides to families across the world. We encourage you to share your PlanToys dollhouses with us on social media with the tag #PlanToysUSA.



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