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Circle Time: Increasing the Lifespan of a Toy

Circle Time: Increasing the Lifespan of a Toy

Circle Time: Increasing the Lifespan of a Toy

PlanToys Circle Time: Increasing the Lifespan of a Toy

We at PlanToys are on a mission to design toys that grow with children while keeping the planet's best interest at heart. To achieve this, we create versatile toys that can be used in different play settings and that can support children as they develop new skills and interests. Our designs inspire families to expand their PlanToys collection, whether they integrate more PlanToys into their playtime or combine them with other sets on the market. We also partner with retailers offering toy subscriptions and the resale of gently used PlanToys. In today's circle time session, we'll explore how to make the most of a toy's lifespan.


Rotate Toys

Rotating toys fosters independent play and can introduce various subjects into a child's playtime routine. Here's a list of cues that can help determine when it's time to rotate a child's toys: 

  • Children are indicating that they're feeling bored.
  • The number of toys in the space overwhelms the adults in the household. 
  • Clean up becomes a long and daunting process.
  • The toys are not played with for an extended period of time.
  • The toys aren't being cared for properly.
Here's a list highlighting just a few advantages that toy rotation offers:
  • Excessive clutter is associated with feelings of anxiety and mood swings. By organizing and managing the toys in your home, you can gain a greater appreciation for the toys you already have, promoting peace of mind for everyone in the household.
  • Research indicates that a carefully selected assortment of toys encourages positive behavior in children. Having an excess of toys has been associated with challenges in concentration and less meaningful play experiences.
  • Having fewer toys makes cleanup less intimidating, freeing up more space for other activities.
  • Rotating toys sparks children's creativity, providing them with a better understanding of how toys can be combined and reimagined.
  • A new way to learn. Introduce concepts such as nature, math, science, and so much more.
  • Rotating toys decreases the necessity to constantly buy new ones, saving both money and time while also reducing toy waste.


Introduce Various Materials 

Dry sensory components like rice, pasta, cotton balls, and shredded paper enable children to engage all their senses while playing with their beloved toys. Materials like dough or sand further enhance play opportunities, encouraging children to explore cause and effect through hands-on experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Below is a selection of PlanToys that complement dry sensory ingredients and dough play. You can find a tutorial on creating your own dough by clicking here.


Sort & Count Cups - 18M+
Sand Play Set - 18M+
Upper Case Alphabet - 2Yrs+


Creative Dough Set - 3Yrs+
Water Play Set - 3Yrs+


Expand Upon Your Collection

At PlanToys, we consistently prioritize considerate design. Several of our toys effortlessly connect with each other, promoting a mindful approach to making new purchases while rejuvenating beloved toys that people already own.

Our Rubber Road & Rail Systems (Small, Medium, & Large), snap together with our wooden Road System, and most wooden rails on the market with the addition of Adapter Tracks.

You can integrate them with larger PlanToys sets to expand race sets and cityscapes even further. 

Ramp Racer - 18M+
Crane Set - 3Yrs+
Parking Garage - 3Yrs+
Central Station - 3Yrs+
Countryside Blocks - 3Yrs+
Urban City Blocks - 3Yrs+



Research What Works Best for Your Family

Every family is unique, which is why we provide our community members with a range of options to meet their needs such as purchasing and selling gently used toys with ToyCycle for community members based in the USA. We have also developed an circular economy initiative called PlayCycle, which guides our community members along the process of passing along toys to another family.

Enhance your shopping approach by selecting toys that evolve alongside children as their interests and developmental needs progress. Our Unit Plus and Better Aging Collection feature toys designed to cater to diverse educational requirements and age groups.

We hope you'll utilize these resources and tips in order to keep toys in use and continue to explore ways in which you can be part of a circular play community. Every action makes a difference.

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