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Circle Time: Early Holiday Prep: Dollhouse Assembly Guide

Circle Time: Early Holiday Prep: Dollhouse Assembly Guide

Circle Time: Early Holiday Prep: Dollhouse Assembly Guide

Circle Time: Early Holiday Prep:

Dollhouse Assembly Guide

During the holiday season, numerous families are searching for a timeless present that will thrill children both on the special day and in the years that follow. It's a time when these cherished gifts are meticulously chosen, beautifully wrapped, and presented with happiness and excitement. In this festive season, our aim is to offer our community members valuable guidance to ensure their shopping and gift-giving experience is as smooth and enjoyable as can be.

One of the best holiday gifts of all time is a dollhouse. Since 2003, the Victorian Dollhouse has been a favorite among our community members. While we advocate for early gift shopping, this blog will primarily feature dollhouses.

Illustration of 2 children decorating in a holiday setting with gifts and a wooden dollhouse


Selecting Memorable Holiday Gifts

Illustration of a hand holding a photo that shows 2 children playing with a wooden dollhouse

Heirloom gifts are highly sought after, especially during the holiday season. These gifts not only bring joy to children on the special day but also create lasting memories as they grow with these cherished toys, reminiscing about the day they received them. These toys are often passed down through generations as children mature into adults.

Here's a list of PlanToys that are frequently chosen as heirloom gifts during the holiday season:

PlanToys Baby Walker Orchard
Baby Walker - 6M+
PlanToys Palomino
Palomino - 2Yrs+
PlanToys 50 Unit Blocks
50 Unit Blocks - 3Yrs+
PlanToys Victorian Dollhouse
Victorian Dollhouse - 3Yrs+
PlanToys My First Dollhouse
My First Dollhouse - 3Yrs+
PlanToys Green Dollhouse With Furniture
Green Dollhouse With Furniture - 3Yrs+
PlanToys Motor Mechanic
Motor Mechanic - 3Yrs+


Tip: Get to know the person you're gifting to. While you may already have a good grasp of the recipient's interests and wish list, asking questions can help you understand them even better and, at the same time, prevent duplicate gifts.


Early Holiday Shopping

Illustration of a hand holding a cell phone that shows a wooden dollhouse has shipped

During the holidays, many people are shopping, so items can go from in stock to out of stock very quickly. Shipping can also take longer due to high demand. To prevent the risk of missing out on items or experiencing shipping delays, we suggest ordering your gifts as soon as possible.

Important to Note:
  • We ship from our offices in Sacramento, California. 
  • We're unable to add items to an order after it has been placed.
  • We process orders within 24-48 business hours Monday through Friday.
  • Our shipping and customer care teams do not operate on weekends.
  • We process orders quickly and therefore, we have a short cancellation window.

Here are a few shopping tips that can make shopping a smoother experience for you this holiday season and beyond:
  • Review your calendar to make sure you're aware of the date and the day of the week the holiday falls on. We recommend buying your gift at least two weeks before the holiday's date.
  • Ask questions prior to making a purchase. We strongly recommend doing your research and considering a product's material, age range, included components, assembly instructions, and size. While our website provides detailed information, and allows you to filter your search, our team is also available if you need direct support.
  • You can reach out via email at customercare@plantoysinc.com or chat with us during our support hours on our website (9 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time).
  • Check out our YouTube channel to see many PlanToys in action.
  • Review our policies before placing your order. Our standard return policy is 30-days, however, for the holidays we extend it through February 2nd. This is applicable to purchases made on or after November 1st.
  • For a more in-depth overview of PlanToys and our policies, visit our Help Center.


Assembly Tips:

Illustration of 2 people assembling a wooden dollhouse

If what you ordered requires assembly and you are gifting it in your home, we suggest assembling it in advance. This is an ideal method for dollhouses for a variety of a reasons, with the most common one being it leaves more time for memories. Children can begin playtime as soon as possible, and there is no need to wait until their toys are put together, which also helps adults enjoy their special day, too.

Here are some tips for toy assembly:

  • Assemble it in the location where you intend to keep it, whether for gifting later or in its designated play area. This avoids the need to move it once it's put together.
  • Get organized and make sure you have a clear, spacious area. Lay out all the pieces and hardware, and double-check the instructions to ensure nothing is left out.
  • If you can, team up with someone for assembly. Divide the tasks so each person knows what they're responsible for, like holding parts, inserting screws, or reading the instructions.
  • For dollhouses, when inserting screws into each level, apply firm pressure to the piece it's being fastened to, ensuring that the hardware is secure and the screws go in smoothly.
  • If you misplace the paper instructions, all assembly instructions can be downloaded from each item's page on our website.
  • Reach out to us at customercare@plantoysinc.com if you need help.

We wish you and your family a joyful holiday season, filled with lasting memories. Feel free to share your holiday moments with PlanToys on social media using the hashtag #PlanToysUSA.

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