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PlanWorld Minis

PlanWorld Minis

PlanWorld Minis

PlanWorld Minis Are In Town!

We've released 8 different sets (recommended for ages 3 and up) that depict miniature scenes of a farmers market, ice cream shop, bakery, pet care center, farm, fire station, travel station, and farm. Read along as we share more details about each set, including all the benefits they have to offer!

Ice Cream Shop & Bakery

A town is not complete without small shops and tasty treats! These sets feature some of the most-loved treats, ice cream, pastries, and bread. Both sets include shopkeepers, a retractable awning, and standing menus to let community members know when they're open.

The Ice Cream Shop includes a seating area and an ice cream stand, featuring 3 different flavors of soft-serve ice cream. The Bakery includes a pastry display and a variety of bread. Watch the shopkeeper bake from behind the counter, or enjoy a sample as you pass by and take in the smell of fresh bread in the air! 

House & Farm

Enjoy the comforts of home on a small scale with the Home set. This set includes a family of 3, a furry companion, appliances, and furniture to fill a bedroom, restroom and dining room. Make it a special place to be after a long day in town.

It's always a great day at the farm! This Farm includes 6 farm animals and the best-grown vegetables in town. It also includes a sturdy fence built by the farmer to ensure none of the animals stray. If you live close to the farm, be prepared to be woken up bright and early thanks to the resident rooster.

Market & Fire Station

Complete your grocery list with fresh fruit and vegetables from the Market. This set has a variety of components including a retractable umbrella, and market bags filled with fresh tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots. Don't forget to browse the stand's selection of peppers, apples and lemons, too!

First responders are essential. This Fire Station is the closest you can get to the real thing with a functioning bell and miniature fire truck with a removable ladder and hose. The firefighter is fully equipped with a first aid kit, tools, and a certified fire dog!

Pet Care & Station

The Station has the most 'bells and whistles' out of every set in the collection, including a bicycle stand with 3 bicycles, a book stand, bag storage, and 2 vending machines. As you enter the station you'll be able to check when your bus, or train departs and enter through the turnstile. Don't forget to use the functional cart to avoid carrying heavy luggage. The station is the busiest place in town with vacationers and community members passing through frequently. 

Adopt a furry companion and learn all about animal care at the Pet Care Center. This set includes everything you need to care for a dog or cat, with 6 resident animals that can't wait to greet you.

Play Benefits

Sustainable The PlanWorld collection combines pretend play and creativity as children connect and assemble roads and buildings to form a town they can enjoy as they grow and develop new interests. Toys of this nature will likely stay part of a child's play routine for many years.
Fine Motor Skills Children can develop spatial awareness by playing with miniature versions of real-life objects. As children enjoy the fun of small-world play, they also exercise their hand-eye coordination and strengthen their hand and finger muscles.
Emotional Development Dolls are essential for all children. They're also tools to help children relate to real-life scenarios and identify and express their emotions. The PlanWorld Minis are perfect for expanding upon emotional development without having to commit to a large dollhouse. Read more here: Why Dollhouse Are Essential For Children
On-The-Go Play

Don't leave the fun at home! PlanWorld Minis can travel with you wherever you go. They can be assembled or disassembled in seconds. Each set includes visual assembly instructions and a paper bag for storing small parts.



Expand The Fun

Select from a variety of PlanToys sets and accessories to bring your town to life:

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Set Of Traffic Signs & Lights
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We can't wait to see how you imagine your PlanWorld! Shop the full collection here.
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