Encouraging a Young Virgo

Encouraging a Young Virgo

Encouraging a Young Virgo

It's Virgo season! We celebrate this Earth sign from August 23rd through September 22nd. Virgos are most known for their sense of order, humble nature, and passion for health and well-being. Let's discover more about this astrological sign and the PlanToys they'll give a five-star rating!


Libra cutting fruits and vegetables on a table.

Virgos understand the importance of exercise and eating naturally grown food. It's a good thing for Virgos that PlanToys share in these passions! Our library contains a wide variety of toys that promote healthy habits. 

The Fruit & Vegetables Play Set is guaranteed to excite a young Virgo who enjoys farmer's markets and preparing fresh meals. Leave some room at the table for Wonky Fruits & Vegetables, too! The fruits and vegetables in these sets are attached with velcro, which allows them to be easily chopped and served. This engages children in pretend play, but also helps them develop muscles in their hands, and gain an interest in cooking. These toys are suited for children started at 18 months. Need a hand carrying all those groceries? How about a  Shopping Cart? This is suited for young Virgos ages 2 and up.

Combine a young Virgo's love of healthy foods into a game of either matching, memory, or dominos with the Fruit & Veggie Domino (Gradient)! Suited for ages 2 and up, this game includes 28 wooden titles and features 7 different fruits and vegetables!



Libra dressed as a veterinarian helping a dog.

Virgos are sympathetic and quick to offer a helping hand. These traits combined with an ability to work well under pressure will earn them a spot on your emergency contact list!

PlanToys has just what your young Virgo needs to make valuable connections and gain admirable skills.

The Vet Set is bound to be loved by young Virgos ages 3 and up. Complete with a vaccine, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, collar, bandage, travel bag, and X-ray films, this set has everything children need to understand what it's like to care for animals. Introduce the Pet Care Set to a young Virgro who is preparing to bring a furry friend home for the first time. Suited for ages 3 and up, this set includes a brush, bowl, pet food, ball, collar, I.D. tag, pet food bag, pet passport, and carry case. Add a favorite stuffed animal and these sets are guaranteed to bring hours of pretend-play fun while encouraging love and companionship. 

Virgos enjoy setting goals and completing projects. Combine this with their love for nature with the PlanToys Gardening Set. Suited for ages 3 and up, this set has the tools they need to start their very own garden and tend to it each season.


Libra playing with primary colored nesting toys in a variety of shapes.


Virgos dislike chaos and are most at peace when systems are in place. They are more inclined to enjoy toys that don't require much clean-up or can be stacked and nest within themselves. These types of toys are not only visually satisfying, but they encourage building skills, mathematical skills, and shape and color recognition.

Add the Nesting Puzzle to young Virgos toy rotation. Children ages 18 months and older can transform the Nesting Puzzle into a game, or use it for free-play and core skill development. As children get older, utilize it to introduce subtraction and division. With all of these possibilities, don't be surprised if your young Virgo finds the most pleasure in nesting the shapes countless times!

Stacking toys help with hand-eye coordination, and give children a sense of accomplishment when the toy is fully assembled. Sort & Count Trees, Chicken Nesting, and the Stacking Rocket are all fun options for young Virgos between ages 12 months and 18 months.

Whether it's loving nature or helping a neighbor, Virgos make the universe a place filled with peace and joy. This season especially, let's take inspiration from them. Plant a tree, or help a friend in need. All gestures of kindness matter, no matter how small.

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  • How you separate complex divine thoughts into sensible terms is excellent. It looks like a concise preparation in the stars!

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  • Happy Virgo season! Embrace your natural love for order and well-being, dear Virgos! It‚Äôs fantastic to see how PlanToys align with your values, promoting health and exercise through their toys. Keep nurturing those healthy habits!

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