PlanToys Team Member Spotlight: Boonlert Chunkasorn

PlanToys Team Member Spotlight: Boonlert Chunkasorn

PlanToys Team Member Spotlight: Boonlert Chunkasorn

PlanToys is excited to spotlight members of the PlanToys family and share their experiences. For this spotlight, we spoke with Boonlert Chunkasor, a model maker and toy doctor at the PlanToys Toy Clinic. 
Boonlert is a crucial part of our team, and we hope you enjoy this glimpse into his journey as much as we have.

How many years have you been with PlanToys? And what is your role here?

This year will be my 32nd year. First, I worked in the wood lathe department. After about 5 years, I moved to the product development department. Now, I work in a variety of departments. Mainly, I draw and maintain the CNC, (computer numerical control) machines, which help create models for designers. I also fix toys for customers at the PlanToys Toy Clinic.

How did you begin your journey with PlanToys?

First, my relatives asked me to work here. I do not have high education and only attended elementary school. Initially, I worked with Somkid (Senior Production Manager) on the lathe and made models. I rarely did anything. I couldn't do much. Then, I kept practicing and observed how Somkid set up the machines. I'm observant and a fast learner. I can set up all lathes machines, whether manual or automatic, within six months.

What changes have you seen in your work since you started with PlanToys?

It has changed quite a lot. For example, since we moved our work from Bangkok to Trang. The production moved to Trang. So there are many changes for me.

From the production department, I moved to help the product development team make prototypes. I like starting a new job as well because prototype work requires machines and tools. I have to be able to use almost every tool and machine. However, I still did not know how to read the drawings. So I had to learn from other peoples' experiences and learn how to use each tool. Fortunately, I am a positive person who believes in the motto that everyone can understand. If others can learn, we can learn as well.

What is your proudest moment so far?

Regarding the work that I am most proud of. I could not count. There is a lot‚ÄĒevery finished product we put into the world. Being able to¬†see¬†them¬†on the market and seeing children's smiles is my pride.

What period are you most impressed with in your work?

It might be when we moved to our current location in Bangkok, I studied and worked at the same time. Everyone helped me with my studies, the translation, and the documents.

During the move, we still maintained the workshop, and everyone helped each other. We worked, ate, laughed, and enjoyed downtime in the same room. Sometimes we worked late. But it did not feel unattainable or too difficult. Everyone helped and made it a success. 

What do you take away from working at PlanToys?

I have a family. We are the "PlanToys family". It is a very big family. We warmly greet each other.  Everyone here is generous and takes the time to understand each other. We are as close as brothers and sisters and can count on each other for anything whether we are at work or not.

How would you describe your work ethic?

My main point of view is to focus on learning and communication. No matter what happens, I believe that every situation has a solution. It's easier when everyone comes together to solve a complex issue by talking it out and sharing experiences. These situations also bring out the best in everyone.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to stress the importance of clarity and communication. Everyone should share what they want out of an experience. That way, if someone needs help, we can come together to come up with the best solution.

Another thing that I have always emphasized is the joy of learning. I believe that each change will improve PlanToys. When you're open to learning and taking on challenges, the organization may recognize your abilities, and help you learn and grow to prosper within the company for a long time. 

Below are photos of Boonlert working on a Play Gym in the Toy Clinic.

Thank you, Boonlert! We are overjoyed and grateful to have you in the PlanToys family!

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