Circle Time: Pretend Play

Circle Time: Pretend Play

Circle Time: Pretend Play

PlanToys Circle Time: Pretend Play

If you've ever engaged in play then you know that pretend play is one of the most fun, and valuable forms of play. Pretend play provides children the opportunity to discover themselves and the world around them. It's also a great way to bring friends and family in on the fun. For today's Circle Time we'll be sharing all the key benefits of pretend play, and the PlanToys that will make it even more memorable.



Pretend play helps children develop a variety of skills such as fine motor, auditory, imagination, muscle strength and expression. Below is selection of PlanToys that can enhance a child's pretend play experience, while also aiding in the development of important skills that they'll use for the rest of their lives.

Dress up in your favorite outfit, and have a concert in the living room.


DIY your own fun! Use cardboard at home to create the rocketship of your dreams or use blocks to build an outdoor hotel for bug residents.


Open up your first restaurant. Develop unique recipes while learning about different shapes, colors, and practicing fine motor skills. Here's everything you'll need for a delightful, full course meal.


Ready, set, action! Encourage children to write their own play and act it out, or reenact scenarios they have seen in real life, or learned about through books or stories from others.

Discover many types of professions through play. Role play as a fire fighter! Pretend flames only.
Feeling good about how we look on the outside can help us develop our creativity, unique identity, and inner confidence. Create your best look yet with cosmetology-inspired toys.
Introduce toys that will encourage children to help around the house. By doing so, they will discover their independence and grow their confidence.



Going to the dentist or the doctor can be a daunting for an adult, so just imagine how it can seem for a child, especially on their first visit. Help children understand what they can expect at these visits, and the importance of maintaining healthy habits such as brushing their teeth.

These PlanToys sets help children better understand what to expect when visiting the dentist or doctor. By introducing these experiences through play, children can feel prepared and at ease.

Pretend play also helps children prepare for life changes. One of the most common life changes is a growing family. These PlanToys can help children express their feelings, manage stress, and learn what they can do to help with a new sibling or merged family.

Don't forget animal companions! These PlanToys teach children what animals need to be healthy, safe, and loved.


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