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Circle Time: Outdoor Play

Circle Time: Outdoor Play

Circle Time: Outdoor Play

PlanToys Circle Time: Outdoor Play

Tips on Merging Play With Nature

Let's gather around for another PlanToys Circle TIme! In this session we're discussing all of the benefits of outdoor play, including the PlanToys that will make it all the more fun!


Outdoor Activities 


At PlanToys, the outdoors is one of our favorite places to be. We encourage all team members to take breaks from their day and go outside to enjoy nature, go on a walk, or participate in a group sport. Outdoor engagement is important for everyone, and the wonder of it all starts when we're children.

Nature is a great teacher, it helps develops a child's curiosity and fine motor skills as they engage with the elements, animals, and insects. Visit a park, or take a journey in your backyard. There will always be something new, whether it is an animal in the distance or a change in the weather.

Below is a list of the most-loved outdoor activities that children can engage with independently, or with someone special. 

Landscape Painting Encourage children to draw or paint what they see in nature, whether it be representational or abstract. Allow them to get comfortable in their favorite outdoor spot with their preferred art materials, or go on a hike to find the most colorful flowers to paint. Put together a travel art kit that they can take with them. You never know when inspiration may show up!

Picnics are a great way to enhance meal time, while also serving as an opportunity to bond with others and relieve stress. Add some sunshine to a child's daily routine by packing some of their favorite foods to go. We suggest packing at least one new food you haven't tried yet!

Pretend play on a picnic. Is your belly full and yet, you're still in the mood for a picnic? Bring your favorite toys for the ultimate outdoor play experience. Here are some of our favorite PlanToys for pretend-play picnics:

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are among a child's favorite activities! Create a discovery map for children to explore nature. Make it more of a challenge by sticking to specific colors and shapes. Remember, nature isn't the only place to enjoy a good scavenger hunt. Host one inside or on the go to reduce stress when traveling with children. Celebrate every season with some fun!

Click here to download The PlanToys Fall Scavenger Hunt.


Stay Protected


Vitamin D is a core benefit to outdoor play. It has been proven to play a huge part in improving our physical and mental health. Enjoy all the fun of outdoor play without having to worry about the after-effects of the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat whenever you're outside, no matter the season. Keep a outdoor bag by the door, or in your car to ensure you don't forget the essentials!

Take a closer look. These PlanToys can enhance a child's perspective of nature from an early age:

Make friends with nature. These PlanToys help children learn about animals while acquiring core developmental skills. 


Develop Social Skills

While toddlers (younger than age 6) are not ready for organized sports, they can still participate in many physical activities depending on their developmental stage. By engaging in physical activities throughout their lives, children will continuously develop their hand-eye coordination, social skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simple activities such as kicking a ball, jumping, running, or climbing are all fun physical activities that come naturally to toddlers. Take their love of action to the next level by introducing toys designed for specific age groups that can be enjoyed independently, or with family and friends.

Below is a selection of most-loved PlanToys in the active play category:

 Bring The Outdoors In

Children don't have to be physically outside to be inspired by nature. When it's too hot or cold, bring the outdoors inside by engaging in a nature-inspired craft activity, or reading books. 

Below is a list of printable PlanToys coloring sheets to practicing your coloring skills, while feeling in tune with nature wherever you are:

Have fun out there!

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