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Fine Motor Fun At Home by Allison Field

Fine Motor Fun At Home by Allison Field

Fine Motor Fun At Home by Allison Field

PlanToys is happy to share a blog post written by Allison Field, a mother with a background in first grade education, and knack for fun! Allison shares the importance of fine motor skills, and activities that can help children reach their full potential through play!

Did you know that, from the moment your child starts grasping for objects with their hands, they are developing and refining their pencil grasping skills? Before we ever ask children to pick up a pencil, they should be given FUN opportunities to develop the fine motor skills necessary for writing. Fine motor development involves the use of small muscles in the fingers and hands. It is the ability to pick up small objects, copy designs, string beads, cut paper, draw shapes and write letters. 

Here's a few FUN ways that we like to develop fine motor skills at home:

  • String beads, noodles or cereal using pipe cleaners or yarn.
  • Use hole punchers.
  • Sprinkle salt onto a tray and ask your child to use their finger to draw letters
  • Write letters on a chalkboard and have your child erase them using water and a paintbrush.
  • Tear paper and create a collage.
  • Peel and stick stickers or tape onto chosen crafting materials or surfaces.
  • Build and construct with blocks that snap together, or wooden blocks.
  • Explore with small tweezers or tongs to pick up items like cotton balls, marshmallows and pom poms.

I’ve always had my children sit at a small table or desk while completing fine motor tasks to promote the good posture necessary for future handwriting. Sitting in the correct upright position while completing tasks helps them build the core strength and stamina required for handwriting. The Desk and Chair from PlanToys is perfect for young children because it promotes a 90/90/90 degree position at the hips, knees, and feet; while also being uniquely designed and comfortable for little bodies. 

Remember, children need frequent opportunities and a variety of materials to develop their fine motor control. Always keep it simple, incorporate your child’s current interests, and have fun alongside them!

Allison Field: @allison.field5


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