Encouraging a Young Cancerian

Encouraging a Young Cancerian

Encouraging a Young Cancerian

It's the season of the crab! Cancers, better known as Cancerians celebrate their birthdays from June 21st through July 22nd. 

Cancerians share attributes with their spirit animal, the crustacean. The most well-known attributes are their vulnerable nature protected by a hard exterior, the tendency to seclude themselves, as well as the occasional crabbiness. It happens to us all! Cancerians are cardinal water signs which means that their decisions and instincts are guided by the heart. This sign is also led by the moon, which is responsible for tidal changes. This explains why a Cancerian's emotional state can often waver.

This oceanic sign has a lot to offer the universe with their vulnerability, instincts, and tenacity. PlanToys has searched the seas and the stars to recommend toys that are best suited for the young Cancerian in your life!


Cancerians are champions at forming close bonds. They believe in the importance of family and enjoy the peace and security it brings them. Small group activities are what Cancerians enjoy most, especially activities that can be enjoyed at home - making games and puzzles the most ideal play category! Crabs and penguins can be friends, right? We recommend the Finding Penguin Game for Cancerians ages 3 and up. Follow the cards, or free play to create paths for the penguin family and their seal friends to escape icebergs, and their arch nemesis, the orca whale! This activity encourages problem-solving, and logical thinking, while proving that penguins and seals are simply adorable.

Take a deeper dive with the PlanToys Fishing Game, suitable for ages 3 and up. Cancerians can enjoy this activity independently or in the company of other fishing enthusiasts. This game includes 6 fish and 2 fishing rods with adjustable lines.

What could be more perfect than a PlanToy that features an actual crab? The Marine Puzzle is ideal for Cancerians starting at 12 months. Children can learn about marine life and develop imaginative play skills as they place each animal in its habitat. This set includes a whale, crab, turtle, and shell. We're pretty shore this will be a favorite!

Cancerians have a tendency to save their money and believe in the importance of being financially secure. Start their financial journey off right by introducing toys in the mathematical play category. We suggest the PlanToys Unit Plus series! Fraction Blocks, suited for ages 2 and up teach addition, subtraction, color and shape recognition, and good ol' fashioned construction play! 

Where will young Cancerians save all their coins? PlanToys Piggy Banks are happy to help! Place a bank in a child's room to serve as a vessel they can store their earnings, while bringing them a smile, (or a snort), too. 

Cancerians are emotional and sensitive beings. They're in tune with their surroundings and can easily notice changes in the atmosphere and pick up on people's feelings. We suggest toys that aid in the development of emotional competence, which is essential for all children. Alphabet A-Z Gradient is a great start for Cancerians ages 2 and up. Tiles are double-sided, displaying both a letter and an animal, or object that matches the letter on the other side. Children can identify letters by speech, or by tracing the letters with their fingers.

Help children identify their emotions with My Mood Memo, suited for ages 2 and up. This set includes 24 wooden coins with 12 different emotions. The color wheel acts as an emotional guide for identifying each emotion on the coins. This set can also serve as a matching game when Cancerians are not in the mood for emotional development, (2 of each mood are included in the set).

The tide may be coming in on this blog post, but we wish all young Cancerians the ability to explore all the depths of the world!

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