Encouraging a Young Gemini

Encouraging a Young Gemini

Encouraging a Young Gemini

It’s Gemini season! This air sign’s cycle is May 21st through June 20th.

Many children share some of Geminis' characteristics including curiosity, hyperactivity, and a fondness for socializing, however, a Gemini will possess these characteristics throughout their lifetime. Read along as we learn about young Geminis, and recommend PlanToys that are uniquely them!  

You may find that a young Gemini has an abundance of questions, and often asks for a closer look when something relatively interesting is in view. The tactile play category engages the senses, and has endless possibilities, making it ideal for children that have a strong desire to learn, and are prone to boredom. We recommend Tactile Stones for the inquisitive Gemini ages 2 and up. This set includes 24    stones and a fabric bag for easy storage and travel. Children will enjoy using these stones for activities such as matching, stacking, tracing, or using materials such as dough and sand to create stamps, or simply fill in the shapes. Boredom is nowhere in sight! 

As Geminis learn and explore, they will soon reveal the adeptness that they’re best known for. This is an ideal time to start introducing problem-solving toys that can also cater to open-ended play. We recommend the Creative Board for clever Geminis ages 3 and up. Children can assemble three-dimensional images on the board by referencing the cards or create their own images. This set includes 1 wooden peg board, 30 rubber shapes in a variety of sizes and colors, and 40 double-sided play cards that illustrate letters, numbers, and pictures.


Take it from their twin symbolism, Geminis are multi-faceted! They embrace change and have a fluid thought process. In order to balance their ever-changing outlooks, we recommend the cause and effect play category. This category encourages analytical thinking and teaches hand-eye coordination. The most well-known toy for teaching cause and effect is dominos, and we’ve created our own version, Domino Race! Suited for ages 3 and up, this set includes 22 wooden blocks in a variety of natural and warm tones. A young Gemini won’t need to overthink when it comes to this toy – we all know what happens when one block is pushed over! 

Children are instinctively drawn to colors, lights, and sounds, which explains their admiration for cars, trucks, and trains. Automobiles also serve as great tools for teaching cause and effect! Children find joy in playing with toy automobiles and testing their speed with roads, ramps, and various surfaces. We suggest the Ramp Racer for the Gemini motorist ages 3 and up. This is a multi-level driving unit complete with 3 cars and built-in ramps. Driver's license not included.

The Fire Truck is also an excellent choice for Geminis ages 3 and up. It includes a ladder that extends and rotates, as well as a retractable fire hose. Children will be thrilled to push around this truck, as they mimic the sound of a siren. You may want to store this toy during naptime! 


Geminis are known to have an abundance of interests and hobbies. To start their journey, we suggest visual play. This category is essential for children as it nurtures all stages of development, as well as patience, and confidence. The Musical Set will excite any Gemini ages 3 and up with a total of three instruments: a xylophone, (with 2 mallets,) a cymbal, and a guiro. Take this traveling band to the park, or a friend's house!

Introduce visual play to Geminis as young as 18 months with the My First Camera. This camera has a kaleidoscope lens that will fascinate any child, and encourage them to explore the world around them. It’s perfect for family trips, or simply observing birds in the backyard. 

It’s clear that Geminis keep the universe exciting, and for that, we are grateful. We look forward to watching all young Geminis bloom into the truly unique people they were born to be!

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