The Importance of Educational Toys

The Importance of Educational Toys

The Importance of Educational Toys

Juntaravimon Jaiareerob, a Child Development Specialist at PlanToys, sees a lot of value in sorting toys for children in early developmental stages.

“Playing with sorting toys is the starting point for learning about matching, categorizing, and sorting," she shares.

"It's a type of play that teaches children to recognize the differences in colors and shapes. By dropping geometric blocks into their proper place, for example, they gain confidence in their ability to figure things out on their own. Sorting toys can also help improve fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and cause-and-effect thinking.”

In conversation with Juntaravimon, we asked for her opinion regarding children as they start to outgrow sorting toys. What should they play with next?

“PlanToys has developed products in this group of toys that have a variety of purposes," said Juntaravimon.

"For example, the Sorting Bus can also be used as a push-and-pull toy as a child starts to crawl and walk on their own. Or the Geometric Sorting Board and Geometric Peg Board can also be played with as construction blocks! Toys that serve a child in a range of ways should be pursued.”

This conversation inspired us to further press into our commitment to designing and developing toys for a lifetime of play, not just one developmental stage. We believe our durable materials used in production and innovative functional toy features will help give our toys purpose beyond just one age range. Perhaps a child will find a new purpose for wooden blocks that were once used for sorting and color recognition, or maybe we'll witness them finding new imaginative value in open-ended educational toys that initially supported fine motor skill development. With PlanToys, a lifetime of play IS indeed possible!

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