Circle Time: Thoughtful Heirloom Gifts for Every Age

Circle Time: Thoughtful Heirloom Gifts for Every Age

Circle Time: Thoughtful Heirloom Gifts for Every Age

Circle Time: Thoughtful Heirloom Gifts for Every Age

At PlanToys, we're dedicated to delighting children while shaping a secure future. Our mission is to provide essential play tools for children's exploration and self-development. Childhood gifts hold the power to become pivotal moments, transforming perspectives on play. Proudly offering a diverse range of play tools for ages 0-99+, spanning 15 categories, we prioritize emotional well-being. In this month's circle time, discover gift-giving tips and age-appropriate recommendations for lasting memories.


Adult handing a child a wrapped present

Picking the Perfect Gift for Maximum Joy

We've categorized each segment of this blog based on age, providing a useful guide for tailoring your shopping choices.

Consider taking the opportunity to learn more about the person and their family before giving a gift. This can help avoid duplicate gifts and enhance the likelihood that your gift will be enjoyed.


Gifts for Ages 0-12 Months

Baby opened unwrapping packages of toys

Infant gifts offer a thrilling and meaningful way to celebrate milestones. Despite the misconception that babies don't engage in play, they actively do so, primarily focusing on recognizing people and developing essential muscle functions. When you gift a baby a play tool, you contribute to fostering their early discoveries and developmental milestones.

When selecting baby gifts, opt for toys that are easy to grasp and introduce them to touch and sound. Here are some reasons why PlanToys stand out as the best baby gifts, perfectly supporting to the specific needs of infants: 

  • PlanToys are crafted from natural rubber wood, undergoing a kiln-drying process for enhanced durability. Furthermore, they undergo rigorous drop tests to ensure that even when babies inevitably drop their toys on any surface, they can be easily picked up and played with again, free from any damage.
  • We prioritize curated baby toys designed to engage and captivate through elements like shape, sound, touch, and feel. Our commitment is to avoid unnecessary items that may not inspire or capture a child's interest, ensuring a thoughtful and engaging play experience.
  • PlanToys prioritizes the needs of parents and caregivers, acknowledging their valid safety concerns regarding children's toys. With an unmatched 42-year sustainable manufacturing process, our commitment to safety brings comfort to adults seeking reliable and secure play options for their children. We also offer color variations for many of our best sellers.
  • We¬†prioritize multifunctionality in play. Our thoughtfully designed toys can be reimagined in various ways, reducing the need for constant new purchases by adults. This not only simplifies your home but also aligns with a sustainable lifestyle, making a positive impact on the planet.

If you're looking for baby gift ideas, consider the classic Baby Car. What sets this car apart is its flexible bridge, providing a unique tactile experience for babies to squeeze and grasp while developing a sense of shape. Additionally, it effortlessly glides across various surfaces.

Click here to browse our full collection of baby toys.


Gifts for Ages 3 and Up

    2 toddlers playing with a stacking ring toy

    When choosing gifts for toddlers, a valuable tip is to opt for toys that complement their favorite playthings from their earlier years. Similarly, observe their past play preferences and current interests to make informed selections that align with their evolving interests. Here are some tips to make your shopping trip for toddlers a little easier:

    • Give careful attention to the child's age, especially during this active phase where children are swift and engage with everything in their path. Toy age ranges are precisely categorized to consider a multitude of variables. While all PlanToys are guaranteed to be safe, age range is key.
    • Choose versatile¬†toys that grow with¬†a child and are perfect for future milestones. Start with a train set and later expand it with blocks and parking garages for continued enjoyment.
    • Take a child's lifestyle into account when choosing a gift. For instance, if they often travel with their family, opt for easily transportable toys to keep them engaged on the go. If their family is passionate about cooking, consider pretend play toys that allow them to feel involved in the process.
    • Socialization is crucial for play. Choose toys that support¬†children in forming meaningful connections with their friends and loved ones. Open-ended toys like dollhouses and blocks are perfect for creating lasting memories through group play.

    Educational play is also essential for this age group. Lower Case Alphabet supports children in identifying their letters and forming words with easy to grasp letters that can be combined into sensory play.

    Click here to browse our full collection of toys for ages 2 and up.

    Gifts for Teenagers, Adults, & Seniors

    A grandmother and a child playing a game together

    The Better Aging collection was designed specifically to meet the needs of adults and the elderly, particularly those requiring support for memory development, arthritis, and the common challenges that come with aging.

    In partnership with doctors, we developed a collection to keep adults engaged in play and promote multi-generational fun. Here are some benefits of the toys in this collection, making them ideal for thoughtful gifting:

    • Elderly individuals often face stereotypes of being perceived as less fun or lively, particularly during family gatherings. Inclusive games can play a significant role in changing this perception.
    • Stimulating the mind through play can be a part in coping with depression and anxiety.
    • Games and activities that stimulate the mind keep it healthy and have the potential to reduce the progression of¬†arthritis and various health issues.
    • The play tools in this line serve to unite¬†different generations,¬†prompting¬†stories and perspectives that may not have been shared otherwise.

    A most-loved toy in this collection is the Balancing Cactus. With its multitude of branches, it welcomes group play and the enjoyment of unpredictability. 

    Click here to browse the full Better Aging collection.

    Gifts for Families

    Family members of all ages playing a wooden balancing game together

    Family enjoyment is central to our mission. We design toys to facilitate children's connection with themselves, the environment, and their loved ones. Many of the most significant connections in our lives stem from the power of play and storytelling‚ÄĒthe ultimate gift. Consider¬†these tips when gifting for a family:
    • Boost family connections by gifting another family a beloved game from your own collection, along with a note highlighting why it's been a memorable addition to your home. Objects with stories instantly create a personal connection, inspiring recipients to¬†add their unique perspectives.
    • Divide¬†the toy into multiple gift packages, allowing all members of the family to have a part in opening the gift and piecing it together.
    • Tailor your gift to a family's lifestyle. If they love outings, choose games that are easily portable. Many PlanToys games with small components¬†include with a cloth bag for convenient travel.
    • Shift your outlook on family games and activities. Combine sailboats or single items with smaller gifts like postcards to build anticipation for a future family trip or milestone.

    Storytelling Dice and Beaver Tumble are games that are fun for various ages, while also acting as a channel for conversation and learning about one another.

    Whether you're purchasing a gift from PlanToys or any other business, we hope these tips will be a valuable guide to assist you in navigating the world of playful gift-giving.

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