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The Joys of Musical Play

The Joys of Musical Play

The Joys of Musical Play

Musical play enhances and makes any play experience more memorable, providing an enriching exploration of emotions and specific interests in children. The early years of childhood are crucial for making discoveries and forming connections with caregivers, and music serves as an ideal channel for these experiences. In this blog, we will delve into the uniqueness of music accompanied by insights from a child psychologist and play therapist, along with recommending PlanToys from our musical category to expand your collection.

 The Joys of Musical Play

Group of children playing with different musical instruments

The PlanToys Team spoke with Ms. Chanikarn Jedsadapongpakdee, a Child Psychologist & Play Therapist. We asked Ms. Jedsadapongpakdee to share insights on the subject of musical therapy through musical play:

Musical play benefits children physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

  • Physical: All physical movements while playing with musical toys help enhance both gross motor and fine motor skills. For example, children who play with a drum set can enhance fine motor skills by holding a drumstick and tapping it. They can use their feet for a drum pedal, helping with gross motor skills, and coordination.
  • Intellectual: Learning about notes and lyrics stimulates children’s brains, and helps with memory. Focus and concentration skills are developed when playing with others, or forming a band! Fast and slow tempos help teach all the possibilities of music.
  • Emotional: Musical toys invite kids to express their emotions in a healthy way. 

Other Benefits of Musical Play for Young Children

Child playing with xylophone
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Incorporating various musical instruments, such as drums, xylophones, or even homemade creations, can enhance a child's muscle development and memory. As children contemplate their next actions, they simultaneously grasp and tap specific areas of the instrument.
  • Creativity: This type of play provides children with a creative outlet, fostering the development of body movement and speech as they refine these skills over time.
  • Stress Relief: Music is calming, providing children with a means to alleviate stress and engage in self-reflection.
  • Self-Confidence: Engaging in joyful activities brings positive attention, releasing chemicals in the brain that foster confidence and inspire continued participation in more theatrical activities.
  • Socialization: Music serves as an ideal way for socialization, as children and adults learn to collaborate, discover more about each other, and build relationships.

Common Instances of Musical Play in Daily Life

Child playing drums

  • Explore a variety of sounds using ordinary items.
  • Tell the story of your day through song.
  • Move various body parts in response to music, from your toes to your nose.
  • Integrate music into creative projects, letting the rhythm guide your decision-making.
  • Craft playlists tailored to specific parts of your day and others reflecting different moods.
  • Find inspiration from diverse sources, such as immersing yourselves in the outdoors and tuning into its natural sounds.

Encourage Musical Play for All Ages

Child playing with banjo
  • Babies can recognize the tune of a song even before they grasp words. Soft background music or singing during routine activities like feeding, tummy time, and bathing can have a calming effect.
  • Toddlers find great joy in music, particularly if it's repetitive and amusing. This helps them remember the songs and stay engaged. Encouraging them to follow the rhythm by clapping, tapping, or playing simple musical instruments is beneficial.
  • Preschoolers, exuding confidence, thrive in the world of music. Uninhibited by self-doubt, they openly sing and can create songs about anything, making it perfect for social settings or enhancing seemingly mundane activities.
  • Primary school children start forming preferences, they become vocal about their likes and dislikes in music. This stage allows them to comprehend musical concepts, paving the way for endless exploration in this domain.

Top Picks: Toy Instruments for Children

PlanToys Oval Xylophone Oval Xylophone for ages 12M+ is simply irresistible to children with its vibrant colors and variety of sounds.
PlanToys Solid Drum
Solid Drum for ages 18M+ serves as an excellent introduction to music for young children. Its portability allows kids to carry it effortlessly between rooms, using the included drumstick to create beats to their heart's delight. Toy drums are recommended by Ms. Chanikarn Jedsadapongpakdee.
PlanToys Rain Maker Rain Maker for ages 18M+ is soothing for children as it makes calming rainfall sounds when tilted. This toy is recommended by Ms. Chanikarn Jedsadapongpakdee.
PlanToys Clatter
The Clatter, for ages 18M+ offers a tactile approach to engage children in the joys of music using only a few simple hand movements.
PlanToys Concertina The Concertina, for ages 18M+ produces various notes and pitches as it is pressed in and out from each side. The captivating sound not only delights children but also draws other household members into the musical experience.
PlanToys Banjo The Banjo, for ages 3Yrs+ thrills children with its diverse musical range, simultaneously engaging and harnessing the skills they've been cultivating, from fine motor abilities to memory.
Musical Band, for ages 3Yrs+ is an invitation to take a child's love of music to the next level with a variety of instruments including 2 drums, a cymbal, and a guiro.


In the symphony of childhood, musical play amplifies joy and discovery. Bring the beat!

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