PlanWood: What Is It & How It's Made

PlanWood: What Is It & How It's Made

PlanWood: What Is It & How It's Made

PlanToys are made with sustainable materials, including reclaimed rubberwood trees from the rubber and latex industry of Thailand. When our toy makers create toys by cutting, sanding, and drilling into wood, we create a lot of excess sawdust. At PlanToys, we do our best not to waste any materials. We thought long and hard about what we could do with all the sawdust from our factory. In 2010, the PlanToys Research and Development department worked with Price Songkla University in Thailand to develop a new material using excess sawdust. The final result was named PlanWood.

Read along as we share the process of creating PlanWood, what makes it unique, and how we use it.

Step 1: Collect and clean the sawdust.



Step 2: Mix sawdust with organic pigments and non-formaldehyde glue, (E-Zero).

We use non-formaldehyde glue, (also known as E-Zero) which is a non-toxic glue that is free of formaldehyde and toxins. PlanToys uses this glue to protect children and our team members from toxic chemicals, while also protecting the earth.

Our team members mix the organic pigments with the glue and sawdust to prepare it for the mold. 

The organic pigments used are derived from trees, plants, flowers, and minerals. 



Step 2: Press the mixture into heated molds.

This process allows PlanToys to create an endless variety of shapes and textures that are not possible to make with traditional wood-working techniques.

Being exposed to high heat and treated with a water-based lacquer is also a technique we use for waterproofing, making certain toys able to be played with in the water. 


Step 4: Trim the molds of any excess material.

After the molds are popped out, our craftspeople trim and polish the molds of any excess material so they can be used in the next step of the manufacturing process.

Check out these finished PlanWood pieces. Can you guess which sets they belong to? Let us know in the comment section!

Click here to watch a video on how PlanWood is made. 

We are proud of our sustainable practices and will continue to research new ways in which we can reduce waste while creating heirloom toys for children around the world!

Below is a selection of PlanToys that are either made entirely from PlanWood, or include PlanWood components:
 Ages 12M+
Ages 18M+
Ages 2Yrs+
Ages 3Yrs+
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