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PlanFamily: Merge Diversity With Play

PlanFamily: Merge Diversity With Play

PlanFamily: Merge Diversity With Play

At PlanToys, we prioritize allowing children to express their true selves through play. Play acts as a gateway for children to explore both real and imaginary worlds. Dollhouse play is particularly popular for its mix of imagination and real-life representation. Figures enhance this experience, especially when they reflect the children and people in their lives. Our beloved doll line has now expanded to embrace greater diversity with the introduction of PlanFamily.

In this blog, we share the benefits that make this new line special, tips for creating lasting fun with your PlanFamily, and information on where to purchase them.

PlanToys PlanFamily Doll collection

What is PlanFamily?

PlanFamily is a continuously growing line of figures celebrating the world's rich diversity, featuring a variety of skin tones, hairstyles, facial features, and outfits. These dolls can be purchased individually through our website and in-person at specialty stores, enabling our community to create a family that reflects their own. Once you have chosen your dolls, they come with a travel case for you to take them home.

What Makes PlanFamily Special

Like all PlanToys products, these dolls are sustainably crafted from responsibly sourced rubberwood. Their clothing and hair are made from organic fibers sourced within a 30-kilometer radius of our factory in Thailand, where all PlanToys are produced.

The dolls also feature flexible legs and arms made from cotton rope, allowing them to stand, sit, and interact with other small objects effortlessly—a unique feature among dollhouse figures on the market.

Their larger shoes provide extra stability, allowing the dolls to stand easily, even on one leg! This feature helps children focus on play rather than getting frustrated with positioning their dolls.

Here’s what some members of the PlanToys team had to say about PlanFamily, sharing their personal experiences and what they love most about the line.

Rudy Valenta

Vice President of the Americas

What I love is that children today have the ability to see toys that represent the way they see their family.

I grew up in a mixed family with 3 siblings. There weren’t any toys that looked like what I saw at home. I always had to settle in playing with figures that didn’t look like the way I saw my own family.

PlanFamily will allow children to select the figures that they see as representing their family and make it easier for parents to have conversations about diversity through play.


Sales & Customer Service Manager

PlanToys Americas

What I love about these dolls is that they can help kids develop fine motor skills, as well as think outside the box and nurture empathy which are very important assets in everyday life.


Community Manager

PlanToys Americas

What I love most about these dolls is how easy they are for children to travel with and incorporate into almost any setting. They fit perfectly in a pocket or small bag, truly embodying the concept of pocket pals!


Customer Care Representative

PlanToys Americas

What I love about our new PlanFamily dolls are how cute their designs are and, most importantly, how they allow children to find dollhouse figures that resemble their family members and friends, teaching them about diversity and inclusivity from an early age. The sustainably made carry box which is a great storage for little one's collection to carry it anywhere and anytime easily is a plus. Overall, the thoughtful design and commitment to representation make this collection a standout.


Sales Representative

PlanToys Americas

What I like best about PlanToys doll families is that they allow children to create a world where everyone belongs, promoting acceptance and celebrating diversity through inclusive play.

Alain De Rauw

Global Sales Director

PlanToys Europe

PlanFamily is incredibly appealing and encourages children to incorporate their unique family dynamics into their play. It’s also an excellent tool for helping children express their emotions. You can see the joy and emotion on their faces when they play.

Olivier De Rauw

Operations Manager

PlanToys Europe

I’m so proud to be able to work for a company who puts inclusivity as one of their priorities. I find these diverse families to really reflect the reality of such an international world that we live in and this is something we should make everyone aware of, starting with kids as they’re the new leaders of the world.


Content Writer

PlanToys Thailand

What I love about these PlanFamily is that they encourage movement and teach about the diversity of the world, including cultures that are different from each other.



PlanToys Canada

I love the fact that the child will be able to create their own little world. From creating a diverse family to even forming their own friend group, every little box will be personalized and represent their world!


Where to Purchase PlanFamily

PlanFamily dolls in display at store

Child in store selecting a doll from a group of others and putting in in a carry box

Many specialty stores across the United States carry PlanToys. Our PlanFamily display in these stores showcases our entire selection of figures in an inviting arrangement, encouraging children and adults to choose dolls that represent their families, from immediate family members to close friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Just like our online shop, PlanFamily dolls come home in a dollhouse carry box. Search online to find stores that carry PlanToys near you and contact them before visiting. If you need help locating your nearest PlanToys retailer, reach out to our team at customercare@plantoysinc.com.

Play Benefits

Child holding a group of doll figurines


Dolls make ideal play tools for children for a variety of reasons. Here are the top three that stand out to us:

Emotional Awareness: While children use dolls for imaginative play, they also serve as essential tools for helping children connect to their real lives. When dealing with difficult emotions, dolls can act as a medium for communication and expression.

Empathy and Connection: Through imaginative play, children can tell stories and place themselves in both vulnerable and enjoyable situations, such as bringing a new baby home or preparing for a celebration. Dollhouse play encourages reenactment, offering endless benefits for children.

Spatial Awareness: By placing dolls in various scenarios and incorporating other objects, children enhance their spatial awareness and become more attuned to the world around them. This type of play helps them understand spatial relationships and develop problem-solving skills. 

Extend The Fun

Child playing with dolls in PlanToys Victorian Dollhouse

PlanFamily is compatible with the entire PlanToys dollhouse line as well as other dollhouses and furniture on the market. They're also perfect for play-on-the-go and can be combined with a variety of different toys to extend their lifespans. Here are some of our favorite combinations:


On their own! PlanFamily members are fun for children to hold in their hand or place in their pocket for endless free-play no matter where they go. Browse the full collection here. 

PlanToys Slide N Go Dollhouse

The Slide N Go is ideal for dollhouse play, whether at home, on a playdate, or visiting family. Its compact design and included furniture make it a favorite.

PlanToys Victorian Dollhouse

Take your dollhouse play to the next level with the Victorian Dollhouse. The hinged doors and open-floor concept provide endless possibilities for your dolls and also keep them stored after playtime is over.

PlanToys My First Dollhouse

My First Dollhouse is a classical way to introduce children to the joys of dollhouse play. It has a 360 degree open concept that invites multiple people to play at once.

PlanToys Fire Truck

Take pretend play on the road with the Fire Truck. Its scale is compatible with PlanFamily dolls and is enjoyable both indoors and outside. Every town needs fire safety, after all.

PlanToys City Blocks

Does your family live in a city? Assemble a miniature version of your home and surroundings with Cityscape Blocks.

PlanToys Country Blocks

Perhaps your family lives in a farm setting. Enjoy your farmland surroundings on a small scale with Country Blocks.


We hope you’re as excited about PlanFamily as we are! Dive into the world of imaginative play with dolls that truly represent you and your loved ones. Visit our website or your nearest retailer to bring home your new favorite dolls today.



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