Encouraging a Young Libra

Encouraging a Young Libra

Encouraging a Young Libra

September 23rd through October 22nd is a time to celebrate Libras! Also known as Librans, this air sign has a passion for maintaining symmetry and balance. They're sociable beings that are always ready to participate in a fun activity and cultivate relationships. Let's learn more about this sign, including the PlanToys they'll rate #1 on their scales.


Libras are pioneers for justice and won't shy away from standing up for what they believe in. Often drawn to legal work, Libras understand the importance of giving people the opportunity to use their voice, especially during unjust times. We suggest toys that can encourage a young Libra's desire for harmony.

Elephants are one of Earth's most harmonious animals, and are also in need of our protection. Their beautiful ivory tusks are very desirable, and have sadly caused elephants to become sought after by poachers. By teaching all children about important issues such as this, we can work together to spread awareness and research ways to stop injustice. Teach children about the beauty of elephants with the PlanToys Elephant Puzzle, or a stand along Elephant figurine that they can carry with them. Learn more about how you and your family can contribute to saving wildlife by visiting the Wildlife Conservation Network.



Libra has a strong connection with the arts. They are known to be gifted in the fields of design, fashion, and music. Introduce toys that will help a Libra master their natural talents, and share them with the world.

Musical play has an array of benefits. It helps children develop language and emotional development, hand-eye coordination, while also serving as an outlet to cope with stressful situations. The PlanToys Rainmaker is the perfect beginner instrument for a young Libra starting at 12 months. By turning the Rainmaker up and down, children will enjoy the peaceful sounds of rain. The shape of this instrument is also easy for little hands to grip. It pairs well with other instruments such as the Rhythm Box as children grow and develop their auditory skills.

Pretend play is guaranteed favorite amongst Libras. It pairs their love for the arts with their desire for social interaction. The Secret Agent Play Set is an ideal choice for Libras ages 3 and up who have much to discover. This set includes 1 walkie talkie, 1 finger scanner, 1 ID badge, 1 coloring comic, and a hip bag. Fun isn't a mystery as long as this set is part of their play routine!


Libras are most motivated when they are in the company of people they love and admire. One of the best ways to encourage relationship building among children is by playing with dolls and dollhouses.

The PlanToys Green Dollhouse With Furniture merges a Libra's love for the world with dollhouse play. Suited for ages 3 and up, this dollhouse is designed with sustainable living in mind. Complete with a wind turbine, solar panel, electric inverter, recycling bins, rain barrel, bio facade, and a blind that can be adjusted for sunlight and air circulation, there's no question that this dollhouse will impress the neighbors. It also includes 17 accessories!

A dollhouse is never done, and with a variety of dolls and accessories to choose from, your young Libra will have hours of fun either playing solo, or in a group. Click here to view the full collection of PlanToys dollhouses and accessories.

This air sign inspires us to believe in the power of love, positivity, and the importance of consideration others. Let's all enter a new season with these intentions at the forefront of our minds.

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