Supporting a Shy Child

Supporting a Shy Child

Supporting a Shy Child

Sometimes children are shy, and that's okay!

Shy kids may be afraid of making mistakes in public. It’s important to help them as it could lead to physical, and emotional stress known as Social Anxiety and Social Phobia.

Observe a child's behaviours closely to determine if they are experiencing social anxiety. Take note of the following:

1. They will seclude themselves from a group and avoid interacting with other people.
2. They can be very nervous being in the center of attention.
3. They are self-conscious.
4. They often avoid eye contact with others.
5. They have a very low speaking voice.
Here are 5 ways to manage shyness in children:

1. Parents shouldn’t blame kids for wrong answers as it will may cause them to feel ashamed and fear to answer next time.
2. Allow your kids speak for themselves when the conversation is directed at them. Also, encourage them to answer no matter if the answer is right or wrong.
3. Let them answer in their own styles. By doing so, they will gain confidence, and begin to develop their personality.
4. Allow them to live a fruitful life. If they get a chance to experience new things, they will have an ability to cope with different kinds of situations.
5. Encourage kids to participate in activities they like, however don’t impose activities they are not interested in. By doing so, they may not retain their confidence. 

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