Fun & Safe Bike Riding Tips

Fun & Safe Bike Riding Tips

Fun & Safe Bike Riding Tips

Parents can be the best lifeguards for their children. PlanToys¬ģ has some tips to share with you on purchasing the best bike for a young rider.

1. Purchase the right bike for your child's age. Bikes are designed by age group.
2. Actively supervise your kids while riding. Children don't have the ability properly gauge their speed limit.
3. Inform children to always beware of other vehicles when playing outdoors. 
4. Remind children to not ride too fast regardless of their skill level.
5. Dress properly to reduce accidents. Long garments can get stuck in bicycle wheels.
For safety purpose, kids should have their helmets ready when it’s time to ride! Here are some ideas of how to select and use helmets.

1. Choose a suitable size helmet that passes safety standards.
2. Always wear a helmet no matter the distance of your trip.
3. Helmets are not only for bikes! Wear a helmet when participating in any activities that could lead to accident.
4. Be a positive role model!


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