Music Tips for Kids

Music Tips for Kids

Music Tips for Kids

We're happy to share some music tips for kids

Music is a tool that helps enhancing your kids’ emotional, social, intellectual and language development.

Moreover, their fine motor skills are strengthened as well when they are playing with the instruments. Today PlanToys® is going to introduce you to different kinds of music to kids in three different stages.

  1. Infants: Quiet or background music is suitable for infants. This can be a song with short lyrics relating to their daily routines. Moreover, parents can use this kind of music to make them feel familiar with their routine.
  2. Toddlers: In this stage, toddlers love to move accordingly to music. Singing the same song repeatedly helps them memorize vocabularies and enhance memorization skill. Toddlers also love funny and amusing songs, therefore, choosing the right kind of music helps them develop their skills better.
  3. Preschoolers: Preschoolers like songs that have repeated lyrics and rhythm or songs relating to their daily routines such as having breakfast or brushing teeth. They also enjoy songs regarding to what they are familiar with, for example, pets, toys, pets and people they meet.

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