Training Children to be Tidy

Training Children to be Tidy

Training Children to be Tidy

How to Easily Train Your Kids to Tidy up Toys

Untidiness is actually not a problem that is easy to solve, especially when you are having young kids.

However, you may need to shine out your creativity, take some times and maintain your endurance while practising them. What parents need to do are as follows:

  1. Explain the importance of tidiness - Giving them a simulation of how hurt you will get if you step on their toys.
  2. Tidy up with them and make it fun - You may do a competition to find a winner who tidies up toys up faster!
  3. Use a song to entertain your kids - Singing along while tidying up is also a good idea.
  4. Give them reward - You might give them a sticker every time they keep the room clean.
  5. Make a creative cute box to keep toys.
  6. Train your kids to do it routinely so they will recognize their responsibilities.

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