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Heartfelt Ways To Celebrate Dads

Heartfelt Ways To Celebrate Dads

Heartfelt Ways To Celebrate Dads

We love celebrating the incredible caregivers and supporters in our lives, and dads are certainly among them. Dads have a special way of lifting our spirits and turning playtime into unforgettable experiences. This Father's Day and beyond, we’re sharing ideas for creating lasting memories together through thoughtful gestures and play. 

Child rolling PlanToys massage roller on parent's back

Dads appreciate a handmade touch, especially the ones that live in their memories forever. Here are some fun and memorable activities that you can organize:
  • Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors with a hand-drawn map that Dad can keep as a memento of the fun day you shared

  • Cooking Session: Homemade dinners become even more special when made together. Cook a family recipe or a meal together that both you and Dad love. 

  • Science Experiments: Discover exciting science experiments you can do at home. Keep it simple with bubbles and balloons, or get adventurous with a papier-mâché volcano!

  • Backyard Camping: Camping is a beloved activity for many dads. Create new traditions by camping in the backyard or enjoying a cozy indoor camping experience in your living room. Take the experience even further with a pillow fort.

  • Learn a New Game Together: It's never too late to learn a new game, especially one that you and Dad can enjoy for years to come. Whether it’s badminton or chess, discovering new activities is even more enjoyable with the people you love.

  • Relive Favorite Childhood Memories: Discover stories from your dad’s childhood and find creative ways to recreate those cherished memories and experiences together.

Child drawing dad on outside of cardCard tutorial

Here is a list of unique and heartfelt gifts that dads are bound to cherish forever:

  • Movie Night in a Jar: Fill a large jar with a new movie, Dad’s favorite candy, and various microwave popcorn flavors. Add a hand-drawn tag for a special touch.
  • Coupon Book: Print and cut out coupons for movie nights, breakfasts in bed, ice cream dates, and car washes. Hole-punch the coupons and tie them into a booklet with ribbon.
  • Stamped Clay Bowl: Make a simple clay dish for Dad’s keys or change. Use air-dry clay, stamp it with "Dad," and decorate with a small heart. Seal with decoupage so it will last a long time.
  • String Art: Choose a word or initials, cut them out on paper, and use them as templates to hammer nails around the shape on a painted board. Then, wrap string around the nails to fill in the letters, creating a decorative design. String art has been a favorite for generations!
  • Scrappy Self-Portrait: This is a more creative option compared to the standard photo frame. Cut small pieces of leftover paper in colors and outline the face shape on piece of paper. Place and paste the paper pieces together to create a colorful mosaic.
  • Cork Coasters: Decorate plain cork coasters with acrylic paint. Children can create designs freehand or use stencils.

Parent and child playing with PlanToys 40 Unit Blocks

40 Unit Blocks

Playing with your child strengthens relationships. Through a mix of free play and parent-guided activities, children and their parents can create lasting memories while learning about each other and developing their skills. Yes, even adults continue to grow through play. Here are some ways bonds are formed through play:

  • Builds Social Skills: Family members are the first people that children learn to communicate with. It's through these bonds that they begin to develop their feelings and ability to socialize. Playing has proven to be an effective outlet for children and parents to speak to one another. This supports with all the future interactions children will have in their lives as well as the importance of cooperation and sharing.
  • Encourages Physical Development: Play can have a significant development on fine motor skills and physical development. Participating in physical activities such as riding bikes, sports, or running with adults makes the activity even more memorable and increases the chances of the child wanting to continue on with it.
  • Boosts Confidence & Self Esteem: Parents encouraging and interacting with their children has a huge affect on their self-confidence. When adults show interest in what children enjoy doing and what they create, they feel valued and are inspired to take on new challenges.
  • Creates Lifelong Memories: Reflect on a positive memory you had as a child. This in itself proves how important they are to our growth and development, well into our adult years.

Family playing PlanToys Guess My Planet togetherGuess My Planet 

Whether you are celebrating a parent, or grandparent, or exploring ways to make play an integral part of your family's routine, PlanToys offers a variety of toys that support all ages and promote family fun. Here are a few selections from our collection that children and their dads are guaranteed to love together:

 PlanToys Castle Blocks Build a fortress and take your imagination to another time with Castle Blocks.
PlanToys Race N Play Parking Garage Complete with a helipad and a chalkboard surface, the Race N Play Parking Garage is a great way to level up a play city.
PlanToys Rubber Road & Rail Rubber Road & Rails are the perfect way to engage in vehicle play on the go. They stack together easily and are water resistant.
PlanToys Mini Golf - Full Set A community favorite, Mini Golf is a backyard game that is perfect for BBQs or any outdoor family event.
PlanToys Handy Carpenter Set Be Dad's right hand with the Handy Carpenter Kit, complete with a set of tools that are easy to carry to tackle any household project the fun way.
PlanToys Chef Set Assist Dad in the kitchen or at a BBQ with the Chef Set, complete with everything a young chef needs to realize the joys of cooking and boost their confidence at mealtime.

Whether you're expressing appreciation for mom through heartfelt moments, thoughtful gifts, or playful activities, one thing remains certain: the memories created from these gestures and events are truly invaluable. These moments of connection and love become treasured keepsakes that enrich our lives for years to come, serving as a testament to the enduring bond between family members.

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